Hand-stitched Portland Tote (Color: Prairie Wheat)
  • Hand-stitched Portland Tote (Color: Prairie Wheat)

    The Portland Tote is our medium sized tote.  This is the exact tote you can purchase.  It is a hand-stitched naturally unlined leather tote with a large inner pocket and utilizes leather sourced in the USA and tanned in Maine.  This two toned pull-up leather changes shades when manipulated and may contain natural leather characteristics such as fat wrinkles and/or range marks/scratches (natural healed scratches from the animal scratching and rubbing against trees and brush in the wild).  The handles are accented with solid brass hardware.  Our smaller circular # logo is branded on the inside pocket.  The final product is proudly Made in the USA and Made in Maine.

    Measurements (Approximate)- Height, Width, Depth: 13"x11.5"x6.5".

    Pocket: 10"x8"

    Hashtag Leatherworks is a Veteran owned company.


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