Real Leather Maine 1901 Themed Flag Coasters
  • Real Leather Maine 1901 Themed Flag Coasters

    These are handcrafted using hides sourced from the USA and feature a laser engraved 1901 Maine Flag theme.  Set of 2.


    About the Bridle Leather- Made using old world craftsmanship with the highest quality oils and tallows. This leather will burnish to perfection, and most importantly maintain its strength and temper for years to come (Thoroughbred Leather, Louisville, KY, 2021).


    This is a heavy duty leather with standup to keep shape and character, not flimsy or soft.  Made to last and get better with time.


    This leather is made to show wear and burnish well over time.  


    Constructed via bonding and stitching two sides of veg tanned leather together with hand sanded and waxed edges for a candy shell like finish. 


    Maine Tough and made to last.  


    As with all leather there can be some variation in color even over the same hide.  Please understand some shade variation may occur as this is a natural product. For items coming in sets we try our best to get the closest color match possible. 


    ***As with all natural products some natural occurring fat wrinkles and/or range marks (healed scratches etc.) may be present but we do our best to minimize the presence but please understand since this is REAL leather some may be present.