The Castine Tote - Multiple Colors
  • The Castine Tote - Multiple Colors

    The Castine tote is the largest tote we make.  It is a hand-crafted naturally unlined leather tote with a large inner pocket constructed of both hand and machine stitching and utilizes leather sourced in the USA and tanned in Maine.  This two toned pull-up leather changes shades when manipulated and may contain natural leather characteristics such as fat wrinkles and/or range marks/scratches (natural healed scratches from the animal scratching and rubbing against trees and brush in the wild).  The handles are accented with solid brass hardware. The final product is proudly Made in the USA and Made in Maine.

    Measurements- Height, Width, Depth: 14"x12.5"x7".

    Pocket: 10"x8"

    Hashtag Leatherworks is a Veteran owned company.