Made in Maine - Veteran Owned 

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My name is Travis Hill and I am the maker and owner of Hashtag Leatherworks.  My wife Lindsay and I live in Central Maine and are the proud parents of four amazing boys, Taber, Brayden, Jameson and Asher.  Our house is complete with our German Shepard, Roxy, our orange pint sized cat, Kit Kat and our Polish rabbit, Spotty (who I have to mention was born on the 4th of July).     


I was not born into leather.  Honestly, up until half a decade ago I really didn't put much thought into the raw material.  But leather sort of found me, and once it did I was hooked.  I got the leather "bug" and it dug in hard and the two of us have been inseparable since. 

To dial back a few years and recap the maker behind the scenes... I grew up in the little town of Avon, ME the oldest of four.  Sports were my interest and through my younger years were my passion.  After graduating high school I had my first of four boys  (from oldest to youngest spanning 20 years apart) and my life changed drastically as it would for any 18 year old. 

Within 6 months I was off to basic training where I served 10 years with the Army National Guard as a Combat Engineer, having served in support of Operation Friendly Skies after the attacks on 9-11 and in a volunteered deployment in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom in '03-'04. 

After returning I got out of the Army, earned a Double Major in Rehabilitation Services and Psychology (B.S.) where I met my wife Lindsay.  I worked as a government contractor for over 8 years in multiple government programs such as the Army National Guard's, and years later, the Air National Guard's Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Programs where I coordinated benefit briefings for service members and their families pre and post deployment, worked as the Maine National Guard Youth Coordinator, coordinating youth programs for Maine military youth, and then a few years as an employment coordinator for the Hero2Hired program assisting service members and their spouses with employment opportunities and job placement.  During my contracting years I decided to continue my military service and enlisted in the Maine Air National Guard where I am currently a Public Affairs Master Sergeant.  Towards the end of my time with the Hero2Hired Program I began earning a Master's in Healthcare Administration in which I finished about a year in after being recruited by Tasman Leather Group as their Director of Marketing and Sales. 

This is where leather comes in.  Under Tasman Leather Group I created the (still operating) overstock company, Acadia Leather, and managed the business for just over 4 years until TLG's closure due to COVID-19.  What started as an overstock company soon progressed into one of the leading leather distributors to leathercrafters in the US, ranging from everyday crafters to higher volume production.  We worked with thousands of customers and it is during that time that I began experimenting with leather myself as a maker to understand what it was I was trying to sell and truly understand the many characteristics that leather can take on.  The terms, ...flesh, grain, buffed, struck-through, waxed, pebbled, printed, milled, oiled, sprayed, temper, tensile strength, ....it is so much more than simply a raw material.  It is a lifestyle!  Under Hashtag Leatherworks my wife and I have participated in over 60+ artisan shows and maker's markets and are members of Upcountry Artists, United Maine Craftsmen, Society of Southern Maine Craftsmen The maker in me was born.


Today, I proudly operate Hashtag Leatherworks, LLC from our home shop in Central Maine.