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Real Range Marked Boot Leather Checkbook Cover
  • Real Range Marked Boot Leather Checkbook Cover

    High Quality Handmade Leather Goods at Fair Prices! Made in the USA!

    Are you sick of that flimsy, plastic/pleather/faux leather checkbook cover barely holding your checkbook intact? If so this hearty, Maine Tough, Made to Last, leather checkbook cover is what you need! While you're at it, think of a friend or family member and do them a favor and pick them up one too. They make great gifts for all occasions! And how unique, ..when was the last time you received or bought someone a rugged, made to last a lifetime checkbook cover?

    Range Marked Checkbook Cover....Heck yeah! Each one is truly one-of-a-kind. The leather used is sourced in the USA and tanned in Maine and had been chosen for its more than normal range marked/scratched characteristics (natural healed scratches from the animal scratching and rubbing against trees and brush in the wild).

    Maine Tough and Made to Last! This leather is made to show wear and burnish well over time.

    The perfect handcrafted, machine stitched, standard sized, real leather checkbook cover with OPTIONAL clear checkbook protector divider inserts for duplicate checks (removeable and not necessarily needed if you do not use carbon copy checks). Fits standard checks with two inside pockets. Naturally unlined.

    About the Leather:
    We use Full-grain waxed leather which means the leather is not snuffed, buffed or sanded down like in lower quality products such as top-grain or suede.
    Full-grain leather is the strongest and most durable leather and has a tight grain pattern.
    As a full grain leather you get the true leather characteristics of the grain which will show beautiful characteristics unlike color-sprayed leathers of less quality which use the spray technique to cover up natural qualities of leather for a clean but less authentic look.
    As a waxed full-grain leather please understand these are not always color consistent, just the same as stain on wood varies across a board.
    When manipulated (folded/bended) the lighter flesh/crust color will show through the waxed grain giving a nice authentic leather two-tone effect, especially the spine where folded This effect is called pull-up.

    These are made from leather sections otherwise likely to be discarded by large leather manufacturers. Instead we highlight these deficiencies in this product. They are truly unique and honestly pretty awesome!

    Up to 8 letters can be heat embossed to the front bottom right of the checkbook cover for free!

    Example of free (optional) monogrammed letters is pictured. Font is approximately 1/4" high.

    Dimensions Open: 7" x 7.5"

    As with all leather there can be some variation in color even over the same hide. Please understand some shade variation may occur as this is a natural product. For items coming in sets we try our best to get the closest color match possible.

    The final product is proudly Made in the USA and Made in Maine.

    Hashtag Leatherworks is a Veteran Owned Company.

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    Care Instructions:

    Although most leather gets better with age, you may clean your leather from time to time. A lightly wet cloth/t-shirt is the best method, and the leather should then be air dried. Polishes are used to improve shine (sometimes add color) whereas conditioners are used to rehydrate your leather and protect you leather from drying out and cracking. In either case, if you choose to use a leather product make sure to do your research and read product labels for likely outcomes. ALWAYS test a small section of your leather prior to use. *Hashtag Leatherworks, LLC is not responsible for the results of leather products being applied by a customer.

    Try to avoid excessive cold which can cause a ghosting/opaqueness appearance on the finish and avoid excessive heat which can cause color transfer of waxes and oils to another object while hot. In both situations bring leather back to a room temperature and wipe with a dry cloth if necessary. Be mindful of the weather and try to avoid your leather getting excessively wet. If it does get wet, try to dry it at room temperature. Leather needs to breath so it does not rot or mildew. If storing your product, consider a breathable, low nap, fabric bag or household item such as a pillowcase.

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